Dinner Past and Plans April 22

     I'm getting more variety since my son eats almost double what I do, then eats leftovers for lunch, so not a lot of repeats for me. He's neither picky nor a fan of ready made meals or convenience foods, where inflation has really hit, so I think we've had a reasonable budget with healthy meals. There's a few indulgences, but those are offset other meals or the next day.  Here's what we ate this past week. Sunday- Green lentil dal, palak paneer, basmati rice, naan Monday- Assorted leftovers, spinach salad Tuesday - Grilled turkey, cheese with tomato and avocado, with Tomato red pepper soup. (It was a cold wet day and hit the spot) Wednesday- Cavitapi with Alfredo sauce, mussels for my son Thursday -Hamburger rice hotdish ( which was a hit with my son as he thought it was risotto as it turned out so creamy and I used several cheese varieties and seasoned heavily with garlic and parsley). Definitely adding to a rotation. Friday-  Salmon (son), a sandwich ( me), he

More of Life-Recap

      I am trying to think each day about things that currently or will add bits of joy to my life. I go in phases of optimism and a bit of fear that more shoe (not just the other one) may drop. Here maybe is a good place to focus on the hints and when there, good things.  Week of Sunday- Saturday, April 14-20, 2024. Sunday : We had sad news that my sister's FIL passed away late the night before. He was 92, and had outlived two wives. He was blessed with a large beautiful family. I had a successful Menards run and looking forward to getting my yard improved. I planted starter flower and veggie seeds. Had all three kids for dinner.  Monday : After the beautiful weekend, we got one more day of milder temperatures before the rain came in. We need the rain after the barely any snow winter. I had a break in my day so got the big dog to the dog park for a good mid-day play.  Tuesday : I was impressed with the knee specialist. He was up beat, but honest, and took the time to make sure I h

Thrift and Such April 18

          I thought about taking down my haphazardly thrown together word purge, but then thought again.Every now and then I read a comment that makes me question how I come across, or lead to false assumptions, then I think about how I come across in real life. I don't want pity, but do want my own timeline and space to keep processing the day to day experiences I was not prepared for. Enough on that, but thank you for those that left kind words.       My thrift review covers an odd Thursday - Wednesday time period. I'm trying hard to keep living expenses as low as possible to hopefully put towards home and living improvements and saving towards an early retirement, while still enjoying time with family and friends. I'm follow The Hawaii Plan's format for tracking because it resonates with how I'm approaching thrift as well. Particular call out to her "For Others" category as it's so important when managing our budgets, we still give of ourselves in

Never Without Hope

      I'm trying to slowly build a new solo life, albeit with my family and friends in it. I recognize I'm not truly alone. I'm sorry if my posts the last few months since restarting blogging haven't always felt positive. I've just been writing about my reality and the challenges of making life work now, and processing that my husband has passed away and I really miss him and the life we had. I'm grieving for the future life that we will never have together. It takes time to readjust when you've had a certain path for a long time. I've never been without hope though; I've been sad, tired, and often lonely, even in a room full of people, but not hopeless.       I don't know why I'm writing this post.  I guess to provide assurance to anyone reading that I'm ok, or maybe to myself that I'm ok. It's good to have all my kids close, though they've had disrupted paths too. I hope they build lives filled with joy, and with people to b

Did I have Goals for April?

     It's mid month and while going into April (just wanted March done), I had things to get accomplished, I didn't really make goals. None the less, I'm inspired by a few bloggers doing mid month check-ins. Here's my accomplishments for the month so far. Create space for my son. This is ongoing as I keep pushing myself to purge useless, unneeded, and unloved items from the house. He's here and has a bed to sleep in, place for his stuff, but we're a bit on top of each other, and he doesn't quite have a great storage system. It'll get sorted.  Purge computer hutch and surrounding area. I want my son to have the back end of the family room as sort of an office, gym space. Why is this task so hard for me? Nothing done yet. My son can do it, but there's things I might want to keep. Maybe I should just use the arm method- swipe my arm and let it all fall into a garbage bag and not even look.  Update house title and the car my youngest drives in my name.

Dinner Lately and Ahead

      I'm attempting to manage our grocery budget while filling up a healthy man with a good appetite and continue eating for my health, weight loss (slowwww and hopefully steady), and both of our enjoyment. Neither of us are opposed to adding beans and rice to the menu, but not exclusively. Here's what we ate this past week. Sunday- Chickpea and vegetable masala, basmati rice, naan Monday- Baked Italian boneless skinless chicken thighs, twice baked potatoes, cabbage salad with extra cucumbers and carrots Tuesday - Homemade version of Chipotle with beef tacos, cilantro rice, refried beans, potato ole's ( I know, mixed restaurant dupes)  Wednesday- Spaghetti and sauce with onions, peppers, and mushrooms  Thursday- I joined my friend, son had salmon, broccoli and baked potato  Friday- Pork roast, mashed potatoes, and beans  Saturday- leftovers during the day as hungry, went to my sister's for cards, hanging and she had a sloppy joe and other food spread       Groceries bo

Sunday, Sunday

       Yesterday was a mix of productivity and enjoying the weather. The rock project is going to be slow going, but will get there. I got some raking done, and the garden weasel out to loosen soil in a few spots to put grass seed down. I'm going to give that a try before investing in sod. I wish I had taken before pictures, but here's how the yard looks now after the tree surgeons tackled the spruces and trimmed the maple. I'll have good sunlight. I know the spruce will need to come down eventually.  Neighbors fence that will line up to mine. It needs a good scrub so need to figure out what will clean the almost algae like growth. The barren yard, with little grass but now will get good morning sunlight. The fire pit has to be moved or eliminated. I might redesign the rocks to be the place to put a chiminea log burner. The best look to see how tall and how much had to be cut to create the right clearance.       I'm holding off putting the patio set out until the fence