So Very Tired

      Apologies to Michb as I think I deleted her comment from my last post. I've never read anything but kindness from you, so please know the lost comment was not intended. I'm just really tired- who knows if others were deleted too. Any supportive comments are appreciated, though likely won't be discussing my in-laws in my blog much in the future. It's not fair for me to write about them or have any expectations.      We think the raccoon issue is resolved, but not before yet another call. It's not cheap to have critter incursions resolved. I was lamenting to my son that maybe I shouldn't try and keep the house. He's a help of course, but this isn't his long term plan, or quite frankly intermediary plan. His response was that yes, it is a lot of house and property to take care. He knows my husband handled the bulk of house maintenance and outside care. My son's been a city living apartment dweller since his junior year of college. He'll be a c

Struggling in Year Two as a Widow

           If you are not in the mood for a post like this, I will take no offense. Skip on over and hopefully another day I'll be a bit better spirited. This is for me really after another challenging weekend trying to cope. I'm really struggling in this second year of being a widow. Maybe it's the season; this should have been our first summer to really enjoy the extra time together. He was to have retired Labor Day weekend last September, and we'd be spending nights going to music by the park events, weekends and my days off either on an adventure or at the cabin, happily tooling around in the boat that he waited decades to buy. I can't stop thinking about the wasted opportunities when we had them and took time for granted. The planning for my own retirement almost sickens me to see the unused financial sacrifices he made to secure our future.        I focus on my kid's happiness but they each seem just as stuck, but in different ways. I know they will be hap

Dinner Past and Future, June 9Week

      Slowly we're eating more salads and less comfort foods, though I love a good salad.  Sunday - Son worked and ate there. I had miscellaneous items found in the refrigerator and made a big Italian pasta salad with vegetables and loads of olives.  Monday - Chicken thighs with a quinoa and cucumber salad Tuesday - Sausage, onion, and mushroom Rotini pasta Wednesday - Salmon, son, with avocado toast, baked potato, brown beans and broccoli  Thursday - R anch and parmesan crusted chicken vegetables. Friday - Tuna Cakes on French Rolls,  pasta salad, green beans Saturday - Odd meal day, but eventually we had toasted ham and cheese with cucumbers and tomatoes to use up the French rolls      I've got another graduation party today. My son's working. My younger daughter has been here off and on for the weekend, so not sure what she'll want. She has more mouth work tomorrow so will need a soft diet again. I'm not sure yet if she wants to stay here or her own apartment

Saturday Recap June 8, 2024

           This is my weekly journal of sorts. Where have I been and what have I been doing sort of thing. I hope to capture something positive each day. Some days it's a stretch and I hate that, but accept figuring out my life alone and have regular joy again is going to take some time.  This is for June 1-7,  2024. Saturday : The weather was wet and dreary so we had a slow start, but made little waffles plus extra for the toaster. My son turned two into McGriddles  by adding egg, cheese, and turkey. I had grocery shopping and errands to run, and by the time I was done, the weather turned nice. I got grass seed down that was meant for patch repair and supposedly will see some growth within seven days. This will be the last I'll attempt until fall, then cross fingers over the winter, the seed will do it's thing after aerating the soil then seeding.      Later, I picked up my Mother-in-law and we went to an extended family members graduation party. The parents we're rela

Friday-No Flex Day

      It's under four weeks until our fiscal year closes. There's so many year end clean ups to do, plus the prep for all new changes in July. My program moves to an online application process, no worries paper is still an option, but it's a major transition. I have two new grantee organizations in July to get trained.       I finally got the routing of applicants that supposedly met the minimum qualifications, 48, but so many did not and I did a second level screening to get down to 3 strong, 11 good, and 3 more potential interviews. With HR approval, I'll start scheduling for next week. My guess, since the application closed on May 1, no less than 1/3 will no longer be interested. It'll take the rest of June before can offer is made, then they'll need to give notice. I'll be lucky if they start before I'm in leave for my knee.       There's a sticky political situation that I'm getting sucked into. I have to do a report to dispel wrong informat

Thrift and Such June 6, 2024

                            Here's my journal for the week in thrifty actions. My tracking week goes Thursday to Wednesday as I like to get a post up on Thursdays.  Saving on things we buy I use my credit card and pay the balance in full at the end of the month as I get limited rewards. However, I calculate the fee that's passed on if there is a cash or credit difference.I paid in cash Friday with my friends because the reward was 2% but the cash discount difference was over 3%. I'm carrying cash more often than we ever used to fit that reason. Every penny and dollar saved helps stretch the budget.  Bought birthday and graduation cards at the Dollar Tree. I know they're not as cute or funny, but at still $1, much better than anywhere else. I had a pretty large stack of them so the savings adds up.  Earning money Received $5 in CVS Extra care bucks in my promotion emails. I put towards a 2 for $5 Cheezit deal making them a freebie for grab and go snacks.  Did another MN

Expensive Grad School on the Horizon?

      My daughter was a very strong college student, despite the upheaval Covid caused. Even with her world falling apart her last semester after my husband died unexpectedly, she finished strong. She both double majored with a minor in one, plus worked no less than two jobs after her freshman year. She graduated Suma Cum Laude with national honors in three different disciplines. She's had two internships, plus two Americorps/ Climate Corps stints. I'm not bragging, well maybe a bit, but these are facts. She worked hard in college and now out. Being in education, I can't imagine she'd not be a strong candidate for a few top schools that have the program she'd like to pursue starting next fall.       We have no idea what she might qualify for in financial support. She'd be over 24 by then, plus, as a student with only one parent, that might factor in. She'll of course pursue merit based opportunities for scholarships. I have some money set aside for her, and